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Why do we pay for your purchases?

When you shop at retailers via us, retailers pay us a referral fee. We prefer to share this referral fee with you, therefore we pass the biggest part of the amount to you as cashback. This referral fee comes from the retailers advertising and customer acq

Do I pay you for the goods purchased?

No, all payments for the purchases you make, are made directly to the online store. According to the terms of the acquisition, we do not sell products, and we do not receive any payment from our customers.

How long does it take to receive cashback?

Each store / retailer has its own terms, that are being published on its page. Most store would take around 30 days to complete the transaction.

Porzellantreff is a German on-line shop of porcelain, glass, ceramic tableware and cutlery of the leading European brands such as Villeroy & Boch, Rosenthal, Rosenthal Versace, Wedgwood, Le Creuset and many more. 

Established in 1999 by the German company Steinkamp KG Porzellanhandel, the on-line shop was among the first ones to sale crockery on-line. Currently we account for more than 360.000 customers in Germany and around the globe. puts a great stress not only on a high quality of the products on offer but also on the excellent customer service.

We are proud of

  • our 15 years work experience on the international on-line market;
  • our clientele which accounts for more than 420 000 customers from different parts of the world;
  • our special fair prices which are 20 % lower than the prices of the manufacturers thanks to our exclusive agreements with the European brands;
  • the possibility to offer a direct delivery from Germany to various corners of the world;
  • the customer service department which provides services to our clients in English, Russian and German;
  • the product range which includes more than 1500 lines and designs of crockery by various leading manufacturers.

Benefits for our customers:

  • products from the leading European brands;
  • more than 125 000 of goods are in stock;
  • 3 payment methods to choose from: per credit card, via bank transfer or per PayPal;
  • fixed freight costs irrespective of the order value or weight.

In the next 30 minutes after your purchase, the order will be displayed with the status “Pending”, the refund being booked upon the end of the time indicated by the stores.

Please note that each store has its own terms, that are being published on its page. Most store would take around 30 days to complete the transaction.

After completing the purchase, the order will be displayed on your account in about 30 minutes. Very rare cases it can be delayed to 10 days.

The minimum amount for the pay out depends on the chosen payment method. For details please access the “Payment references” page in your account.

After you have  withdrawal request, it may take up to 10 days for the withdrawal to be executed. Usually, it takes 5 days.

In order to post comments, you need to make a purchase from the store for which you would like to leave a review. Then you should go to the section "Reviews" and you will have such an opportunity.

The online store representatives will not be able to help you in this matter, their task is to process your order and deliver the product to you. For any questions regarding the operation of Express Bonus service and refunds - please contact exclusively our experts, by the most convenient way for you

No, all the payments for goods are made to the online store. According to the conditions of acquisition, we do not sell products, and we do not need to pay anything, on the contrary, we will pay you for every paid order, according to the conditions of return of the funds.

Refunds shall be only considered in the cases when the ordered goods have been paid in full price in the online store, and has not been returned for any reason.

Complete a simple registration on our website (if you have already did, no longer needed, once is enough), go to the store catalog and choose the one in which you are going to make a purchase, click on "Get CashBack Now" button and order as usual, then, go to "My orders" section in Express Bonus, where you will see that your order has been processed. As soon as you pay the order - it must be confirmed with us.

The amount of the refunded bonus varies from product to product, the maximum percentage is indicated at the top.

Please see below the main reasons why cashback is not tracked:

  • You have accessed the online store through our web site or our plugins, after which you have closed the page and opened the store again through an advertising banner in internet. In this case the cashback might not be considered. Please do not close the page after accessing the store through our web site, and do not press any advertising banner.
  • AdBlock or another service that is blocking advertisements is installed in your browser - please temporarily deactivate it during the transaction.
  • From the moment you have accessed the store through our web site, have passed too much time. As an example, in the case of AliExpress, it is necessary to complete the purchase during next 24 hours from the moment of accessing the store through our web site in order to receive the cashback.
  • You have accessed the store directly, without our service.

If you are sure, none of the cases above caused the missed cashback, please contact the support service.

Yes, sure, but please note that you can use the promo-codes at the same time with cashback service, only if you access the store through our special section ”Coupons / Promo-Codes”. Please note, if you will be using other promo-codes, as an example from mailings of online store, refund may not be considered.

Cashback from purchases through mobile devices is lost more often than from a computer. This is due to the fact that mobile versions of many stores do not contain the special code necessary for fixing and tracking the cashback. If possible, make purchases from your computer.

How to Get Cashback?


Register on our service and become a member of our big family


Click Go to Shop through to your favorite retailers and shop as usual

Get Cashback

The retailer pays us commission for your purchase and we add this as cashback to your earnings.


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Customers reviews about Express Bonus

I am working with Express Bonus in the last 2 years and I can only say good things about this cashback website. It provides increased cash back amounts comparing to other cashback websites. The customer service is decent and replies within 10-20 minutes.


I have been a part of the online shopping trend ever since it was introduced. I have used all of the cashback websites and low and behold ExpressBonus truly does give the highest amount back. The easy to use format is also a very big advantage as compared to some other sites.


I'm new to ExpressBonus and think it's a great way to build an income and focus on the long term goals of building a business and future for myself and family. No hidden costs and it's there for all of us to share, just go shopping and enjoy the ride, looking forward to the journey.


Being in a network marketing, its a great idea and concept to save money and increase the savings. The beauty of this network is that it offers variety of shopping stores to switch your shopping experience. Still they need to improvise. In Romania they just started but I will definitely continue my support for this International organisation. Happy to be in ExpressBonus